Society Discriminates Slow People, They Want Robots.

Because society wants people to be faster, smarter, better, work harder. Enough is never enough. You can't have a disability or become ill, or you are 'doomed' because you aren't productive enough, and that isn't good for our economy.

I am slow, I enjoy to do things on 'relax mode' because otherwise I go into 'freeze mode' when people try to put pressure on me. I do everything I do with love. But who wants slow people when some can do it fast and then another one can do it even faster? It's almost a shame when you do things slow/ not fast enough based on someone's norms. Competiton, stress, survival of the fittest, negativity. What's the point of this 'race society'?
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1 Response May 24, 2012

there is no point. our society has lost the connection with nature. we have separated ourselves from the important aspect of this world, that we are apart of it and that our species has only progressed this fast because cooperation.<br />
Life should never be a race. Its already short enough.

Hi, very true. We think we have it all, but in fact all of this is very, very temporary.