How Do You Move Forward When Ur Constantly Living In The Pass??

So it's been 3 months and althought it's gotten a lil easier ( I no longer have sleepless nights, or burst into tears all the time) it's still really hard. It was my decision to ask him to leave but not because I didn't love him cos he seemed to quit loving me.

I keep going over and over in my head the mistakes I made. I feel like such a fool I had a good thing. Before all the crap started i just wished i nurtured it more. It seems we just brought out the worst in each other with all the petty arguements. I wish I could rewind and start all over again. I don't want to meet anyone else ( long term future) how is this so easy for him. I foolishly msged him and the response I got back was gut wrenching. Lol , expected but **** that hurt. A big contrast from him telling me he does love me but cant live like that the night he left. He basically bragged that he was free and didn't have to entertain no more BS I replied that as much as I am to blame had he of been a decent husband (communicated, tried, been honest) there would of been NO BS) he told me he was free as a bird so I told him of course he is he no longer has to pretend or lie. I also reminded him that it was ME who clipped those wings and allowed him to fly, as he never had the backbone to do it himself!!!

Some days are good but I feel so broken. I get up I smile and pretend I'm ok. but really inside a part of me has died and I get the feeling she will never be revived
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I just said this exact same thing in my post. I feel ya. Uhg! It sucks so bad.

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Don't kill ur self, I'm 29 and me and my common law husband broke up a couple times. I still have remember those fresh memories of pain, and sadness. But I had 2 kids that depended on me. I had to get up and keep going. But a breakup is never easy to get over specifically since y'all live together. My break ups felt like the first time~ horrible. My advice is try really hard to keep your self busy as much as possible ur days will go by faster. Get in touch with friends again, I know I didn't have the energy or the drive to do so. But somehow I did it, keep my self busy occupied believe me it will work. That's the only way you will move on, and really 3 month is to resent give it 6 mnts-1 yr for the Healing Process. He was not for you, llet it go. Let it be. Go to church, that also helped me. God will never leaves us, his love is unconditional. Good luck Love -3.