I'm 6 months out of a 3 year relationship and I still feel like I'm getting over it. it was my first stable long term relationship, and she was the first I girl I considered marrying and making a family with. if it normal to still be in the healing process after such a time period?
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I'm so sorry to hear that you're hurting right now, guitarman826. I hope this article here (http://bit.ly/1Lhob5T) can offer you some helpful insights. You're in my prayers, friend.

very interesting article, I was also dumped over the phone but she did it in the hopes I would chase her.. I felt like she was trying to control/manipulate me so I held onto my self respect and didn't chase her. the truth is I just needed some time away from her, she was a bit clingy and wouldn't give me my space. I just needed some time alone but sure enough when I did she was already in another relationship.. I then went after her and we got intimate but she ended up choosing the other person. the guy ended up throwing get into a dresser and she came running back to me but by then damage was done.

sorry for the story, just trying to build a context and show how tough of a break up this became

Thanks for sharing your story, guitarman826. I can understand the pain you're experiencing, because I've been through a similar situation, and it almost took 6 months for me to see a ray of hope and healing in my heart. I hope you'll experience your healing moment, too.

Yes there is no time frame just try each day to move forward just a little . Good luck

thank you