Slytherins Will Suceed In Life More Than Others

slytherins are ambitious, intelligent, and they  think before they speak.

slytherins have the ability to be deceptive.

slytherins have better survival skills, better coping mechanisms. 

slytherins have style.

slytherins are loyal to other slytherins and their families.

slytherins are not content with mediocrity.

i am slytherin and proud of it.

horriblegirl horriblegirl
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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Me too! Proud Slytherin!! I want to get a Slytherin uniform for the next Comi-con! At the last one I saw a girl dressed as Draco and had my picture taken.

I am the exact same way! I live everyday as a proud slytherin :)

Well, I'm not. Happy hunting!