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I Don't Want To Know It All

I have no qualms about admitting I am a perpetual student of life.  Given the choice of student or teacher, I happily gravitate to student. 

I find learning to be much more fun than teaching.  It allows me to have a wide-eyed view of the world; to constantly be amazed and surprised at all the new ideas and knowledge placed before me.  It is like opening gifts on Christmas day.  Each one a unique gift to be savored and appreciated.

I never want to stop being a student.  I never want to stop learning from other people and from life. 

I have been very fortunate to come across people who are natural born teachers; they have taught me much and I am forever grateful to them!
Vignette Vignette 51-55, F 7 Responses Jul 5, 2010

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LIS - It is good to see you! :-) I can relate! Yes, I remember those times of wishing I would be done with school. But now I find a craving for everything new and a curiosity that will not be satisfied. I wish I had had this hunger in my youth!

I remember the days when I wanted schooling to end, desperately. Now I fervently wish each day were filled with another revelation.

You are indeed right, Yamoo - knowledge is power. I understand your curiosity, and being a Scorpio you just need to know the why of it at the deepest levels! :-)

Cudos Vignette. I find nothing more entertaining than learning something new, from rural sociology to string theory. I've got to know why and explore the subject in depth. My astrologic aunt told me once it was because I'm a Scorpio. Knowledge is power! <br />
<br />
Know thyself; my mother always said not to talk to strangers. ;>

Thank you, Merily. :-)

Small world, eh? lol

Same guy Aristotle. Student/teacher with a guy named "Plato". Guy gets around.