Things To Ponder While In The Bath..

Just as I pick up one lesson in life, another hits my door. I guess it's part and parcel of the age and time. Knowing that I don't know it all is the smallest of hurdles to jump. I know that much, the next step is where the new page hath been turned.. the blank spot in the book that holds the secrets.. That's the page I want to fill. Fill it with drawings and dreams of another day, the time you take to breath and let it all come down.. The unknown still sits like a bitter sharpened edge, does it come down to behead me? I don't know.. maybe one day I will. Then and only then can I sit back and laugh at the fools who said I wouldn't make it.
Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
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Thank You. btw: Loving the banana.. :P

You are a very strong, competent, beautiful young woman. You will accomplish your goals, because of your tenacity and your great intellect. Accept it. Own it. Be it! = )

I will type something when I can be somewhat more polite..