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The Question From The Oracle Of Delphi

I'm sure you've all heard the story before, but even so, it's bears repeating even with the level that I will butcher it, but the points that count will be made.

It was back during the time of the Oracle at Delphi in which she was once posed the question. "Who is the wisest man in Athens?" the Oracle, with her knowledge of the people said, "Socrates." On which when Socrates was told of this he replied, "All I know is that I know nothing." and sought out to prove the Oracle wrong. It was from this quest in which the Philosopher Plato wrote down their travels and talks. From those writings we learn the Socratic Method.

I found this story out in my first Philosophy class in University. It made me smile because I even as a young child knew I didn't know everything and sought to learn having the love to learn and gain knowledge instilled in me by my mother. It gave me respect for the Greek Philosopher who gave us the first step towards real progress. Each step we as a species have taken each new nugget of unknown becomming known. I still think back to Socrates' words and then think, "but now I know how to find out."
jondoen jondoen 26-30, M Aug 14, 2012

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