But I've Always Known Coca-cola Was Out To Save Me

Doctors are using Coca-Cola to treat a painful stomach condition, sparing patients from surgery.

They have discovered that the fizzy drink is highly effective at dealing with a condition known as a gastric phytobezoar.

This is a stomach blockage which, unless it is successfully removed or destroyed, can subsequently lead to a bowel obstruction.

It is often caused by certain fruits which do not digest properly - for instance, in Asia many cases are a result of eating persimmons which are particularly prone to form blockages.

A variety of treatments are available to treat it, from lasers and non-surgical endoscopies to the last resort of full surgery.

Now, new research has shown that Coca-Cola has a success rate of more than 90 per cent in treating the condition.

This is because it has chemical ingredients that do a similar job to gastric acid in helping to digest fibre - while the bubbles help speed up the process.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

In small amounts it will help with clearing the throat of congestion. Way back when when the swine flu first started my mom bought coke syrup from a restaurant as the doc's were saying it helped with the nausea. It did too.

Vitamin C works very slowly to boost your immune system so does garlic neither work well if your don't take them all the time. I have a winter cocktail I drink every day that helps drinking it an having had a flu shot I don't get as sick as the rest of my family.

Winter Cocktail
2 cups juice a blend of orange, grapefruit and cranberry juice. I like my juice tart so I use 1 cup of grapefruit and a 1/2 cup of orange and cranberry.

Garlic is also great as an immunity booster you can buy it in gel capsules. It does take a while to build up. At one time during a heavy flu season, I had been taking it about a year at the time, I took so much the oil was coming out of my skin. Wouldn't recommend you take that much of anything.