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( December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut)

Yesterday's event was horrific... beyond words actually... people want to dissect it into little bits.... "oh it's horrible because it was young kids... not teenagers."... it's horrible no matter what age. I happened to take it a little harder... because I have a younger son... in preschool... and I can't possibly imagine what those parents, and families of the teachers feel... but I do have a pretty good imagination, and a healthy dose of empathy... not only do the parents loose their child... but all of their child's friends... who you hear about every day...lol... joe pushed me... he's not my best friend any more ...jim is my best friend now... sue gave me a hug, but she's jon's best friend.frank took the lineleader job from me....each day your life is filled with not only your child, but the lives of who he associates with... including mrs B... who has the patience of a saint...
I have been wallowing in these... emotions.... deleting reply after reply...story after story... trying to get the words right... and I have come to the conclusion that I never will.
I do however want to state my opinions once again.... not to inflame... and if I get nasty remarks... I will delete them. You can agree or disagree politely.
We take God... out of our country...out of our schools and out of our lives... and then scream WHY!WHY!WHY! When the world starts going to hell..... and... if parents disciplined their children, and taught respect ...perhaps these occurrences wouldn't happen.. we are facing generations of past parental negligence... and I'm afraid it will be generations before we can go back.
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This type of event happens so often. Yet people refuse to believe that their gun laws contribute to what occurs.
Weird thing is. That those who perpetrate this kind of horror. Never shoot politicians,senators,police officers,government officials etc.
Anybody ever think to ask why?

I fail to see what the gun laws have to do with it. I believe it has more to do with teaching kids the respect for life. When I was young, i grew up on a farm. my parents had guns and taught me how to shoot, in case I ever needed to know what to do. I was also taught a healthy respect of them. to NEVER take a life unless your own was threatened, or to end a life of an animal in misery, because you will live with that for the rest of your life, regardless of the reason behind it.
Are you saying that a politician,senator,police officer,government official etc.'s family would not be as affected? i am in no way condoning the shooting of anyone. Death is death. It is always sad... and a shame, no matter who, or why.

But how many more of these events will YOU tolerate?
That's my point. You all condemn it but no one INSISTS that people stop killing your children.
Do you see how insane that looks?
After the Columbine high school murders. There was a great deal of debate and discussion all over the world.
Yet many of us here in Europe had just one question.
It wasn't why.
It was why are people so reluctant to challenge the constitution?
If you suddenly had a mass influx of people from a foreign land come to settle in the States.
And you could prove that a decent percentage of them had criminal intent.
Worse still. They had a propensity for firearms offences. You'd move heaven and earth to try and temper their chances of getting any weaponry. Wouldn't you?
Isn't that enough???
How many more?

If it weren't for the sheer amount of dangerous weapons lying about wherever you look... knives, scissors, eating utensils, pencils, a shaved ice cube, i may agree..... but the fact is, if they didn't have guns, they would find some other way to get done what they want to do. Without Respect for life, and a responsibility for that life that knowing God will give you, they will always commit horrendous atrocities.
And as far as challenging the constitution.... We started as a Godly nation. "in God we Trust... We have fallen far short of that. Now our kids can't even pray in schools. BUT... we have a few untouchable (as yet) guarantees... One... is that I have the right... to have a weapon to defend myself. whether it be against an angry ex, a person looking to rob and steal, or a military-gone-corrupt.... What I DO with that right, is up to me.

But that argument holds no water either does it?
If it did. Every time these incidents occurd, you'd have dozens of parents roaming the school looking for the gunmen wouldn't you??

that directly takes you back to the .... having the RIGHT.... but also knowing right from wrong.

"In God We Trust" doesn't have anything to do with the birth of the nation. The addition of "God" to the money and the Pledge of Allegiance was added by Republicans in the 1950s who were showboating against "communism" during the Cold War.

The most fundamental truth that lay at the very core of our constitution is that our rights and freedom were given to us by God and not by a bunch of government officials, not by a majority of the voters, not by the president, not by the court .... but by God. This wasn't invented by either Republicans or Democrats. Read our Declaration of Independence. It was written long before any of the political parties were formed.

The individual right to own guns is a symbol of our mutual trust and respect and affirmation that our elected and appointed officials serve at our pleasure rather than the other way around.

When drunk drivers kill innocent people we don't rush to outlaw either automobiles or alcohol. So why do some people rush to try to outlaw guns when innocent people are killed with firearms?

That argument isn't rational either.
Because nothing was given you by god!
You won a war and a group of unelected people created your constitution!!,?
It's always an unrealistic expectation to give somebody the right to own a gun then expect them to sit on the shoreline watching for ships carrying potential invaders which I'm pretty sure is what is meant by the amendment for the right to bear arms!
Back to the argument.
Deny citizens the 'right to their guns' watch how many lives you save.

The 9-11 hijackers managed to kill 3,000+ people without guns. Just across our southern border, Mexico, has some of the strictest gun laws on earth. The only people there who see harsh prison time for possession are the ones the police aren't afraid to try to arrest. Anyone who thinks US lawmakers and politicians aren't as corruptible as their counterparts in Mexico need a reality check.

Except for a pellet pistol I personally don't own a gun. But I seriously prefer to reserve my right to own one in the future.

Saying that gun laws contributed to that horrible Newtown tragedy is like saying automobile ownership rights contributes to traffic related deaths. If automobiles were outlawed would you also have to outlaw busses, trains and airplanes?

Life contributes to death. It's how some people try to Iive their lives, how they raise their children, how they respect others .... not the sharpness of their forks and knives.

And again. While you refuse to recognise that a gun is a lethal weapon intended for one purpose only. And continue to deny the logic of trusting in your multi layered,multi agenced law enforcement. And continue to allow anyone who can fill out paperwork to own a gun.
What are YOU going to do to prevent the NEXT atrocity in a SCHOOL in your country???

there is nothing that I can do to prevent someone from being a absolute moron.... no matter what weapon they have.

But YOU could show your disgust that such a thing was able to happen.
You could go see your local law enforcement and ask what they think?
You could talk to local people near you. Start a debate.
You could lobby your congressman.

Anything can be turned into a lethal weapon. That's no reason to curtail individual rights and freedom.

We went through the same situation with people driving under the influence of alcohol. 50 years ago drinking and driving was regarded as an amusing mix. I grew up in that era. Having a little to much to drink was considered an understanding lapse in judgement, like eating too much or gambling too much. Getting stopped by the police meant a lecture by the policeman and a call for someone to come get you. That's it. The awareness of the consequences in todays world makes it a less forgivable sin. The consequences to the DUI driver can be quite severe. The awareness, the consequences, and the awareness of the consequences of DUI has significantly reduced alcohol related auto injury and death and the only individual right lost is a right to drive while under the influence of alcohol, a right we never had.

Firearm fatalities, whether intentional or accidental, can be reduced in the same way. Better awareness of the consequences of mishandling firearms, stiff consequences for misuse, and requiring the young to be monitored by a mature adult. Kids can't buy automobiles. They can't even drive one without parental approval. Nor can they purchase alcohol. Violating the above can result in severe consequences to the one selling or supplying it and to the kids themselves.

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That Newtown happened is really much less about God in our schools than it is about the ease with which troubled people get their hands on guns in the United States. Because of the gun lobby and their insistence of forcing an armed populace on us, we all live in fear that our elementary school children will be gunned down, and they are.
The United States has more guns and gun deaths than any other developed country in the world.
The U.S. has 88 guns per 100 people and 10 gun-related deaths per 100,000 people — more than any of the other developed country.
Japan, on the other hand, had only .6 guns per 100 people and .06 gun-related deaths per 100,000 people, making it the country with both the fewest guns per capita and the fewest gun-related deaths.

I will just say that i disagree with that... and leave it at that. *smiles*

With all due respect, your faith-based belief that the facts do not draw the inescapable conclusion that access to guns is to blame is insupportable.
God would not want people to die needlessly, no matter what one's religious system he follows.
God would not condemn innocent children to death, no matter what religious system he follows.
God is said to grant us some level of self-will, the degree of which varies by faith and philosophy.
With the self-will granted to us by God, we have decided to gird for violence against our fellows, by arming ourselves to the teeth with guns.
The sheer incidence of gun possession, spawned under this exercise of free will, causes more people to die of gun violence here than almost any other civilized country on Earth.
If there is a God lesson to be had here, it's not that by praying more we could stem the violence. It's that by misusing our God-given free will we put our children, our liberty, and our safety at risk. If God plays any role at all in our masochistic self-slaughter, it is in taking our children, our parents, our friends, and ourselves until we learn that only in enforcing limits on putting deathly weapons in so many hands will we be doing God's will and enforcing his precept and commandment not to kill one another.

In your remark about how the gun related deaths in the US exceeds that of other civilized countries I believe you ignore the number of deaths that result from genocide, cold blood slaughter, and brutality inflicted by governments themselves upon their unarmed populations ... some by what appears to be very civilized countries.

since when have you become the spokesperson of God?
1. yes. God HAS asked (in the time of David) that entire peoples be killed... men, women, children, even animals. IF those people are unwilling to accept him.. there were times when this didn't happen... and the consequences were severe.
2. God grants us FREE will... It is up to us whether we accept or not.
3. God himself tells us to be ever vigilant... and to gird ourselves with armor . He sent armies into battle... do you think they launched marshmallows at their enemies?
He gives us the technology and teaches us how to use it for His glory....

Recall I approached this topic with respect. As is common with faith-based deniers of facts, you're leaning toward the personal slight because your argument is weak. The fact is we kill more people with guns because we don't regulate guns.
Just because I put a religious slant on it doesn't mean I'm talking for God, though I have just as much right to do so as you, any televangelist, or the Pope.
In fact, your entire premise, that by enforcing more religious education gun violence would be lessened, runs contrary to the facts. The facts are that a gun in the hands of the religiously fervent is just as deadly as a gun in the hands of anyone else.
My theory is more sound than yours is. In fact, your theory can be made to say the same thing, namely that we don't "accept" God because we refuse to enact simple gun controls, causing a constant violation of the Sixth Commandment not to kill, therefore God will continue to allow the carnage to continue until we do the right thing, and restrict access to guns.
There is no using guns for the glory of God. Guns are for killing. Prayer in school, prayer at home, and prayer on the playground won't stop a person with a gun.
The more fervent a person with a gun is, in fact, the more likely that person is to use that gun - especially if that person falsely believes that the gun gives them the power over life and death, a power supposed to be reserved to God alone.

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