My Philosophy About College

I really enjoyed my college experience (thanks mostly to the marching band - yes, I am a band geek!), but I had one of those types of majors that isn't necessarily geared toward a specific career goal - Political Science with a double major in the Social Sciences.  There are quite a few of those types of majors...  My point is, for many people that have these broad non-career specific majors, my philosophy about our primary academic achievement is that most of us left college with the knowledge that we didn't know it all - we left feeling like we knew how to get to the answers to many of life's questions (questions about our personal lives - not so much).

You know I learned sometime during college what the word sophomore comes from - it is Greek and it stands for Wise Fool - to me (and sophomore year is only the 2nd year), when you are a sophomore, you haven't come to this realization - you are over the humbling effects of Freshman Year, and you start to think you know it all - which is what makes a sophomore a fool - thank goodness there are 2 more years after the sophomore year!

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i doesn't end there. until the end of undergrad studies, you are expected to swot up some theory or other and are expected to regurgitate the same accurately in an exam. people with high retentivity do extremely well and believe that they have created the universe.<br />
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Meanwhile, they have not yet learned to think, nor to apply the knowledge in real world situations.<br />
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when they open their mouths, hehehe you can hear some prize nonsense. <br />
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over the next ten or so, years, the world sobers them up, mostly and hopefully. <br />
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