Living Mental

Being diagnosed as Bi-Polar-Schizoeffective has not been an easy 'role' to play in my life. Not easy, not being able to control my emotions & depression.....or my scattered mind. Sometimes my memory's really bad & I wind up forgetting important things that I want so badly to remember. I don't know why I'm the way I am, but I learn new ways & methods everyday.....& I've learned well after all these years, that it pays to  listen closely to others & not jus & strive to deal with who & whatever comes  my way.....See,  I kinda jus roll with the punches & get back up. & 1 more important thing is......develope a sense of humor in all my craziness, otherwise I don't even think I could live with myself, let alone be the kind of person my partner ( who is supportive 100% percent ) wants to live with 24/7.

CrazyHorse420 CrazyHorse420
1 Response Feb 13, 2010

That is the first act of Wisdom...know your limitations*** Hugs, LW