If I Only Had a Brain

So I take my car in because the check engine light is on. They run everything and come back with "Oh maam, it's not good, you'll need to replace the Harmonic Balancer". GGEEE, really? Did that big machine tell you that's what's wrong with my poor iddy biddy car? "OH yes maam and unfortunately it isn't cheap, we should get to this right away". Oh wow, well here's what I think we should do... kiss my lilly white @ss! You see you big dumb <lots of mean words>, there is not a sensor on the Harmonic Balancer so how the hell would your machine catch that. Not to mention that although it is a part that can go out it is quite uncommon... oh and don't you think my engine would be shaking like a crack wh0re in need of a fix!! AAUUGGHH!!

I work w/ cars daily, mother has been in auto parts for over 30 years, father drives a truck and grandpa owned a garage.... I can do my own tune ups, change my own tires and if need be, pop a ding out or sand and bondo the fender. I do not however, have a machine to confirm my suspicions that the air/gas mix is off and that is why I brought the car to you... so thank you for your help and have a wonderful day!

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Bitlord you work for Meineke dont you? It needed a new fuel pump, changed out three actually, had to drop the tank to do it, before getting the issue under control. Aside from breaks it's doing just fine...

you so rock!

Go to a place that does smog testing their machine will quickly diagnose that issue.<br />
probobly without trying to sell ya muffler bearings as well. Lol


thats awesome, MSP...u r totally my hero for the day...and caritus--nice comment, i agree...<br />
btw, umm what IS a harmonic balancer?? :p

hahaha! awesome. *wanders off to find out what the heck a harmonic balancer is* :D

I do the same with computer technicians, and it does feel really good!. Hope they stop messing with woman, we will teach them!

GGGGRRRRR!!!!! #*&$#*#

Way to go!!