weak people look for love, strong people don't need love. forgiveness or acceptance.  I am living without all three.
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Good people look for love , selfish people don't need love. forgiveness or acceptance.

It isn't weak to nwant love, it is human. Consider that you are blocking love out of your life, then figure out why. No one can last alone.

nice response ;O)

True, but spiritually strong people are easily loved and respected, not just by family and friends, but also by others around them.

what I meant was, what makes a person strong spiritually is knowing they are being loved and thought of, its not that people love strong people in general

I have to agree with redtail on this one. Strong people are loved and accepted by those around them. And if they make a mistake, they are brave and ask for forgiveness. Those who dare not ask for forgiveness, who don't accept love, those are the weak.

those who are strong were given love in the first place, forgiveness is always asked not assumed

yes i look for love, forgivness and acceptance only because i cant live alone. why the people around me and their opinion and their judjement is so important to me. i am so tired. want to live happyly with myself. i dont want anyone, can i go and stay on an island. Atleast then i shall start living for myself :(

You are soo wrong. Why would strong people not need love, forgiveness and acceptance. Everyone needs those things. Everyone looks for love.