Peaceful Sad Monotony

i am 24 and never had a boyfriend.i dress up well and am pretty and people say i have a nice figure but still i am alone. i really dont get it.i know my problem and solution and that is more tiring.the main problem is that i have been leading this monotonous and a protected life.i wouldnt say that im desperate but i cant help but feel  sad of my situation specially since entering the mid i just wish i could break this sad monotony and meet people and experirence things good or bad and not at all be a naive person.
akeali akeali
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 1, 2010

Do you have friends or a friend you can do things with? I think exposure is the best thing. Mingle on line but of course be careful. You sound like and intelligent and pretty woman and I understand your frustration. Men can be intimidated by pretty ladies, they don't want to be turned away.<br />
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Sometimes, just growing and trying to learn more about the world by getting involved with different things are then best before getting a boyfriend. I always had a boyfriend BUT was still very alone because it was the wrong one but I felt I NEEDED a man. I know it's lonely but I bet when you do meet the one it will be worth the wait.