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Why do I feel so alone? I am married and have children. But when it comes down to it, I feel alone. I feel that I have alway been on the outside looking in when it comes to friendships. I have friends but not many and now I feel like I am waiting for them to call me or feel like I am bothering them when I call. I don't understand I am a fun and caring person. I like to laugh and have a good time but feel that I am insignificant. I don't have a memorable personality but don't understand, my life is getting sad, lonely, boring.
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I think a lot of people feel this way...they are just not as open as you, enough to share their thoughts. You are probably more memorable than you realize. People are just too busy. It would be cool if people just went back to sitting on a front porch, and/or visiting their neighbors.

Are you suffering from depression ?

I feel like this too. Thanks for posting. I feel less alone.

we are all alone in some sense.We should find some ways to cheer us up when we are so lonely and have nobody to talk to.I have a friend ,she said she never has the feeling of sulitude.What is her recipe to cope with loneliness.She develop lots of interests like cooking ,baking,dancing,drawing,singing,flower glowing etc.she always has a lot of things to do.So my suggestion is that you should also try to do somethings that can make you happy.like buying something you like ,go to a special restaurant ...Hope your life will be spice up and live happily.

I am single. I try to get out to meet others and have fun, but it is not reciprocated so far. In addition, I struggle financially to haveh money to put gas in car and keep car repaired. I like to drink my wine and sit back and talk, analyze or just plain listen to people. I used to go to church "whenever the doors were opened" but discovered that to be one reason for my lonlieness. But I don't really care to be pay to sit in a bar and breathe smoke. Where do people meet other people? I talk to everyone, at the PTA, in the grocery, in my neighborhood. It feels good but I also need to be alone with self to ponder. I think some of this loneliness has to do with our sociey forcin people into cubicles and home offices. No one gathrs "at the water trough" just to shoot the breeze or comment on current affairs. We all live in fear that someone is out to ruin us. We all need to give and receive love and validation, but all around us is oppression and fear.

be grateful for your heath and positive things what do you want? get busy

be grateful for your heath and positive things what do you want? get busy

This is such a fascinating string. I want to say that what we all need to do is find a purpose, something that we can be passionate about. There. All better? Hmm. I did that. And it's going well, and is very challenging and rewarding, but loneliness continues to visit. I guess balance is what's missing? My work at finding meaning is all great, but it doesn't fill the need for intimacy. I want to be close to someone. I read a profile on a dating site asking if I had the experience in my life of being able to love as deeply and freely, as unrestrained, as I could. No reservation. No holding back. The answer is, "No." I have had the opportunity but withheld. Maybe I felt that I couldn’t follow through and live up to what I set up. I sure appreciate reading everyone's contributions. It's very soothing in its reality.

be your own friend...start spending some time alone with yourself, i mean really alone: no tv, music, internet, phone calls, books, nothing. nothing that will distract you from your thoughts. Ask yourself why you don't like to be alone and keep asking yourself questions...

And when you feel like you are having a conversation with yourself and feel crazy, then what?

it just sounds like your afraid to spend some time alone...you might want to look into that....are you one of those people who always has to have someone around?

youhave needs not being taken care of by others my guess would be you do many things for others but few take the time to understand you and care about those needs you have

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I know exactly what u mean. My husband is very good to me, but works ALOT, so weekends are pretty much all the quality time we get together. Otherwise, i have a best friend, but she lives all the way up north about 200 miles from me, we talk on the phone alot but other than that we can only afford to go see her and her husband a couple times a yr. I always miss her, she used to live around here, and besides her, I dont have really any friends anymore, Im lonely often and it sucks , if it wasn't for this computer id be sooooooo bored and lost. well, ttyl~babyjo, ps. try and hang in there, one day @ a time. That is what i have to do.

I feel you. I have a man in my life who I love very much..two wonderful kids, so why do I feel so alone all the time. Like I am in my old world. I am nice and have a great sense of humor and have alot of empathy for others and never judge a book by its cover...but feel so isolated...

I identify with you. Today is my birthday and I am very lonely, I was actually crying in my office earlier today just feeling sad. This site is my only comfort right now. I had lunch alone today and am feeling very down but trying to not show it here at work. I have a 5 year old kid and her dad, my mom, we all live together. Yet i don't go out, I haven't many friends and am bored to death most of the time. Most of the time to fill my emptiness I watch a lot of television and focus on the shows to escape my boring reality. I hope you start to enjoy life more and I wish you the best. I too am struggling but I want to offer a word of encouragement to you nonetheless and I hope you find the happiness and fulfillment you seek. Take care.

Same boat, different oar. Well, the only difference is that I'm divorced. At one time I WAS the party. Now I feel like I'm part of the background. The only people who call me are my parents and telemarketers, and I, too, feel like I'm bothering people if I call them. But I think that's the key. I think I need to reach out to them in order for them to reach out to me. I'm sure many of them are busy, but I think I need to work my way into their schedule so it becomes a more common occurrence to have a phone conversation. I'd bet the same is true for you. Give it a shot. If they're truly your friends, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.<br />
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Best of luck! Feel free to pm me if you'd like.