Seperated By A Family Feud

I was seperated from my family right after birth because of a family feud. My paternal grandmother once resided in Gary.Indiana after she divorced her second husband she met a gentleman they began dating she really fell for this fellow. He told her if she would pack her belongings and move to a city 60 miles away from Gary he would marry her after her arrival well she believed him she left gary    indiana in the company of her two children my future aunt and my future father after my grandmother mother settled in the new city of south bend her boyfriend who promised to marry and take care of her began to act strange and distance hisself from her. She began to have financial hardships and had to struggle hard to make ends meet and care for her children. Well she found out why he was acting so strange with HE WAS ALREADY MARRIED AND HAD 6 CHILDREN.THIS REALLY BROKE HER HEART but she tried to go on  the best way she could. About a year later my future father met a young lady while waiting for the bus. he fell in love with her when he took her home and introduced her to my grandmother well all hell broke loose when old future dad spoke the last name of my  future mother my grandma     flipped out!              she bore the same last name of the man who fooled her away from gary, indiana the man who lied and promised he would marry her. AND TO MAKE THINGS WORSE SHE WAS THIS MAN'S NIECE. My mother told me years later my grandmother screamed and told my dad to get her out of her house and that she was no good. My dad and mom moved into together but it was no peace for them because of my grandmother she did everything possible to break their relationship .I was the first to be born to them Things were really terrible for them but they managed to  have 3 more children together, my mother claimed whenever I was left with my grandma it was hard to get me away from her she would pretend have a heart attack and collaspe to the floor l  this I believe because my mom was very young and timid, my parents would just let me stay with her.  Things really started going from bad to worse for them, my grandmother was determined to break them up for good. It finally happened WE the children were literally forgotten to the point my father said it was best if I just remained with his mother and my 3 sisters and bothers stayed with my mom. I saw very little of them over the years even though those 3 kids were also grandma's grand kids she just didn't like them and treated them cold and distant, she never cared about their welfare she never worried if they were clothed are properly fed. They were treated pretty badly and our mother's parents were mean to them because of my grandmother and father, they suffered, thoughout their lives, because of ignorant adults. Yes, now I'm middle age I do regret  we       missed the chance to grow up together when when I do see them they are emotionally detached because they think my life was better than theirs  . I feel I miss a great experience by not growing up with them.It is strange no matter how old I become it doesn't remove the lonely feeling I have for them I guess God knows why events happen to us, it is hard to understand his point of view sometimes. But still I will always miss them and if there is a heaven somewhere I hope they  get there  because this world sure gave them hell 
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1 Response Dec 8, 2010

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