Things Could Be Better

I'm in my 20's I work and go to uni.
I don't have many work friends and I don't have uni friends. This is the time I feel so alone, i've felt it since I broke up with my ex boyfriend. He was my best friend and then when we broke up I had nobody and he got married.
My best friend I never see she's always in her own world with social networking. I'm starting uni tomorrow maybe I'll have some luck.
I want to cry because I have no one to talk to, no one to spend time with, ppl don't reply to my msgs even on ep there's nobody even though is its meant to be a haven for those who are lonely. I use to be ok with being alone it never really bothered me but for the last 2 years I've been really struggling since the break up and I hate admitting it because my life should revolve around some guy.

To be blunt I feel a lone, not important and an inconvenience.
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Hey can I be serious with you and vice versa? Say God the father is real and he indeed sent his son who is also God to die for the sins of the world. For you and me. God who is almighty sent his sinless, perfect son because He loves us despite how evil we are. Wouldnt you love to know Him. We are both speaking as though it is true. That is the best love story ever right? So say you could know this God who is Jesus personally? Even if you think im stupid or niave or a wishful thinker.I believe its true. You may not but we will both find out when we die.Please since I wrote all of this down. Before you go to sleep tonight. From your heart ask God humbly and seriously to give you a sign that He is real. Seek him and I believe you will find him. Yes you obviously dont care but im begging you sincerely. You will not regret it.I PROMISE.The lonliness and sorrow will be a faint memory. He will rock you in his arms And be everything you needed and still need.Dude he will rock your existence. You will wake up every morning happy and satisfied. I will put my life on that.

i am also going from this rough period of my life since last four years. I am from india and in this part of the world people are so mean. my gf ditched me because she wants freedom and always wants to try new things, so also wants to try new boyfriend. she doesnt mind leaving me.
but now a days i m so lonely and no one to talk with me. After my working hours i usually sit in my room and play games online. now i am afraid of making friends or relationship. life is going through the bad phase. no friends around me nothing at all.
i have two kittens and i usually spent time with them, thats all.

hope you find the love you need

Thank you all for reading my story and giving me feed back it really has helped

i think u should try to make friends from the univercity. if this fails dont get dissapointed! think that many people are alone you not alone in this. just try to raise yr selfconfidense in order to nt to get depressed. and also believe that somewhere there is someone for u, just its like a game u have to try harder to find him/ her. i wish u good luck

If I knew you and we liked each other, I'd be your guy. My wife died a while back, and life has not been the same. Just a big empty hole where my heart used to be. I know I'm older than you, but I understand that feeling of being too much alone. I put the smile on my face and do my best to go out and be with people, but inside it's still empty. The echo's inside are painful, as no other heart is dwelling with our hearts. <br />
<br />
For now, let me hold you, and draw you close. I do love you and care so much for you. I want you to feel good and to be ok and happy. I kiss you on the cheek and smile in your eyes.

some think it is so easy to go you and meet others and i guess form some it is depending on whatthey waht ou tof life<br />
<br />
but do not pick a guy just to have one in your life that is not the answe too

hi!! :D put a smile on ur face and hold ur head are a human being the same as everyone else outside of your front yourself and do not be afraid!!Let people see the real u!!i get up in the mornings and walk out that door with a smile on my face,even if i dont much feel like smiling.the fact that u recognise the root to ur feeling down means u can take that information and work on changing it.when i came out of a longterm relationship in the past i was heartbroken to say the least but i just had to acknowledge the way i felt and keep living my life.You can never go back so why hurt yourself by the constant longing...look to the future!!this is something i have to keep telling myself aswell,dont feel alone x

I agree with moby, having few close friends is alot better than lot's of people who you call friends, but probably won't be there for you when you need them, like facebook etc, just loads of Digits you can call "friends" but they just ain't, weird how in a world with nearly 7 billion people, you can still feel alone.

I disagree with ricksucks totaly. This advice is equivalent to "go and drink". Don't fool yourself with positive thinking and don't numb with lots of conversations. You'll just run out of the problem. It is better to find lesser, but better friends. That is my harsh words. Good luck.

harsh words but fair enough