Am Lonely

I feel lonely, whether am alone or with other people. I feel that nobody really understands me. I chat with others but deep inside me i feel there is something am missing. I wish i get someone to understand me
Kittysandra Kittysandra
26-30, F
10 Responses Sep 19, 2011

Me too. Im 35 this year,and still feel so lost. Your'e not alone. Why is it the feeling of aloneness is so all encompassing? Yet we all feel like it sometimes. I'll be your friend.

I hunny add me on your YM (welcomeil) or Gtalk anil.akg

I feel like this a lot lately

I wish you happiness as well. Happy holidays and wish you the best in 2012 ;)

Of course swmfanj i ll keep in touch. I hope that one day we will find people who will understand us. I wish you all the happiness :-)

I also feel like something is missing. I keep hoping i can find that whatever is missing in my life. I feel good but am lonely. I am trying to find peace withing myself and better my life. I hope you can keep in touch:)

Rageagainstmachine and ksanks thanks your comments and offer of friendship. ((hugs))

I have felt the some way and Rageagainstmachine I have felt the same way; It doesn't seem like anything for me is changing just feel completely miserable that nothing in my life is going the way I want it to and I feel stuck never getting the chance to do anything about it. I really don't have any close friends and even the one I found out lives really close to me said he'd like to hang out but doesn't actually respond to me. I'd like to offer a hand of friendship.

I so understand how you are feeling. I been feeling this way for months, I wish we could find a way to make it better believe me I been trying to find a way nothing works. <br />
<br />
Feel free to hit me up anytime I barely sleep so I will probably be on alot plus I am new to this site so what better way to learn it then to be on it alot..

Thanks gal

Thanks alot for comment and wishes! ((hugs))