Longest & Loneliest Day

Well here I am on Christmas Day alone for the first time in my life.Got my dogs but as much as I love them they aren't the greatest conversationalists.
My wife walked out in May without rhyme or reason & has never been in contact which adds to the pain because I don't know what I did to cause her to leave if I did anything at all.
I was a good husband, put my wife first in everything , nursed her through several illnesses & suicide attempts so perhaps I was a door mat & just didn't see it.
Well never again will I allow anyone to walk all over me, I have a lot to give & I aim to grab life with both hands & shake the life out of it this coming year.
Yeah I am still hurting emotionally but I cant keep my life on hold in the hope she comes back...
I love Christmas but this year I am giving it a miss apart from making my dogs a treat for dinner lol..
Hope anyone reading this takes something positive from it,old saying but true "Life is what you make of it"
Take care folks & thanks for reading.XXX
oscarrr2 oscarrr2 46-50, M 3 Responses Dec 25, 2011

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I hear ya. I have a family but yet I find myself so alone. I don't know if I want to be with my husband anymore. I sleep a lot and take my kids to there activities but that's about it. My life sucks I have no friends either.

I'm sorry...from my last question it seems u were better with out her... But I know the pain may still linger..

i lost my boyfriend in 2004 December 23rd ,and we buried him just after Christmas , since then my Christmas has never been the same again .I want to change my christmas and birthday which comes on 31st December ,and this can only happen when i get a true soul mate ,who together we can bring ,love ,kill loneliness,and celebrate together.
I understand what you are feeling ,i am there ,almost 10 years ,but i hope this coming Christmas things will be different ,.

Thank so much looking forward to having a good one .