Sick Of His Attitude

Oh my god.i can't take this anymore, it's hurt and kills me.what have i done to deserve this? He is the one who cheated me but he keep on blaming and accusing of the things that i never do.what should i do? i'm not a bad person who will betray someone that i love.he is the one who played with my heart & soul.who cheated me for two month without me knowing it. But now he is accusing me of cheating him. With my best friend some more, who is a girl.what he think i am? no i'm not.i explain many times and i can't take it anymore.please some one give me some idea to kill myself.why do i fall in love at the first place.
shailugurl shailugurl
26-30, F
2 Responses May 21, 2012

The guilty always project their problems and feelings of failure upon others. It's a weakness, and obviously your boyfriend has some major issue. Luckily, you don't have to be along for that ride if you don't want to. Cheating (to me) it utterly unforgivable. Love yourself enough to know you deserve someone who will never do such a think to you. It will be very very hard at first to leave, but once the toxicity of this relationship begins to fade, you'll feel much better. Mr. Right cannot find you if you are only looking at Mr. Wrong.

dear shailugurl, don't blame yourself. you know in your heart that you've been loyal to him. it is him who cheated on you. if you think this situation is putting a lot of stress in your life and is already affecting your personality then let it go. you don't deserve someone who'll just take you for granted and take the blame on you afterwards.. be brave and confront him. i know that you are strong enough to handle this situation.. so good luck.. :)