Alone and Lonely Are Two Diffe...

Alone and lonely are two different things. im alone as in single at the moment but never lonely
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I felt alone AND lonely throughout most of my 9 year relationship. Now that we have officially broken up, I feel even more lonely and alone. I'm really not, but it feels that way. I have my beautiful kids, a few friends, and some family. That helps some, but my self-esteem is so low that I feel worthless. As long as I can't love myself, I will feel this way.

I have often said the same thing, I rarely feel lonely, but I love being alone. I am happiest by myself without anyone demanding my time, energy, or anything of me. When I can do as I please, how I please, go where I please, when I please. Totally alone in my thoughts, and feelings, not relying on or being relied on by anyone. To some that would be loneliness, to me, it is pure joy, in being alone. As far as I can tell it is all about attitude.<br />
Lonely = Negative/depressing etc, Alone = Positive or at least nonchalant.

I completely agree with you. That's exactly how I feel, I cherish my time alone. The only person who I feel as content with is my son.

I have believed in this statement for so long. Being alone and being lonely are so very different.for me to be alone,is where I am. I lost 3 family members last year.Being alone is to have no family, no true friendships.Those of you with family somewhere,good or evil, is something. Being lonely, to me, is to feel isolated,no matter where I am,in a crowd, a store, taking a walk.Sometimes I feel disconnected from things because of the loneliness. .Yet, I seem to be okay with being alone. It has always been this way so one gets used to it. Quietness

I so truly believe this!, and I try to tell my friends this and they just don't get it, They say" oh I'm here for you anytime",,,,, its not that easy!! I am lonely.....

I'm not alone, but I am lonely...

Hmmm....never thought of it that way.