Not Talking- Poem

I'm not talking to you because you love me
I'm not doubting that you care
I'm just feeling alone and regretful
And talking won't get us anywhere
I not sitting silent
Because I don't want things to change
I just want this not to matter
I want the pain gone away
I'm not talking because you’re loud
Too loud to hear my voice
I'm not talking as if to say
I wish I had a choice
My quietness might be sorrowful
Or it might be feeling in need
But I'm still not going to talk
Because you won't listen to me
Maybe when I open my mouth
You will be willing to hear
All the love I have
All of the things I hold most dear
And maybe once you're silenced
May be you will see the day
That my voice comes from my soul
And its words are here to stay
Stop talking please
I love you
I wish you knew how much
But sometimes just not talking
Is easier than being brushed off
I told you I'm not talking
But what I'm really trying to say
Is that I love you, and to give me a hug
Show me you heard it my way
Don't just keep going,
Stop squishing me like a bug
I feel so suffocated by this
So breathless and weak
And yet my voice is so strained
Even when I try and speak.
My words are tuned out,
You won’t just take it well
My heart is being destroyed
By the words I can’t tell
I wish this were easy
I wish this was simple
But maybe when I speak
You see I’m weak and nimble
Shut up, I’m trying to see
See what is keeping me
I want to talk out
I want you to hear
I need your love
I need to feel you’re sincere.
I will stop talking now
I see I’m wasting my time
Speaking to someone
To will never get it right.
HeartSelfMade7668 HeartSelfMade7668
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012