Fealing Alone..once Again..

Today i found myself sat in a room full of people but couldn't feel any more alone. Silence. Awkward. Ghostly. Almost unreal. That i cannot get over how last week i was center of attention. Now im just me. Sat in the corner of a room. Relying on drugs to make me sleep. How amazing life is. Not.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Thats how it is most of the time. That is why I like working. This guy that is old enough to be my dad works with me and he is so awesome. He has Asbergers Syndrome and he is the coolest person to be around. He continuously sings songs and things about everything. He was once alone in the world. People weren't so accepting of people with problems like his twenty plus years ago. Now it is widespread. He gives me hope that I will get past my loneliness also. He has a girlfriend and they love one another to no end. So I know it will be my time soon. Just have to find the right place to look. Also nice to realize that other people's lives suck and I am not alone in that.

Im the exact same way. I take pills because they seem to help me. Its a big problem because Im always feeling alone. Always. Youre not alone sweetie.

Thank you hunnie :-) <3