Little Things

Little things like having someone next to you when you fall asleep,
Like waking up to the smell of morning breath and used blankets.

Smelling coffee and the sound of your voice.

Seeing the sunrise, but looking over and seeing you next to me.

Having someone to sing with.

Little things,
Like having someone who understands my gibberish,
Doesn't leave, not in till I'm okay.

Little things like not being alone,
Every night.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not the only one awake, the only one wishing that I had someone to tell me to go back to sleep.

It's times like these that I miss you.

The stars are only good company for so long.

Come back.

I miss you.
bigeyesseemore bigeyesseemore
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Big cuddles from afar! I'm sure you will find someone to sweep you off you feet and fill the emptiness, just give it time. There may even be someone you know who feels the same way about you, you just haven't noticed them yet!
All the best and happy hunting x