No Complaints

No complaints my life is great. I have so much more than many people have and I am grateful for every minute of my life. I have a chance to give and I reach out for people. People call me kind and happy and when I enter a room there is always someone smiling back at me even if it is a stranger. That's my essence and at the same time - this is my outside. I get so damn lonely in the evenings and weekends. There is not a call and not a message. I can go 2 days without saying a word to anyone. I check my email, my FB page, my mailbox so many times during the weekend for a simple "hey, how are you". They say it is because I work a lot - well, it is not true, I tried working less and nothing has changed. At least working long hours saves me from knowing no one is there. I make myself to be there for people because I know how much it matters. Story of my life. No complaints, my life is great. Oh how I wish sometimes someone somehow tried their best to get me near. Sigh
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Dec 9, 2012