I Feel So Lonely Tonight

Going home after work always puts me down. I have about one hour of commute on a train. I feel the only point of me going home is to get the sleep and return to work. I see couples on my way home and I do not understand why it does not happen to me. Getting home late I feel relieved I don't make somebody to wait up for me, I do not have to feel guilty for staying out late. Today I got home at 11pm and I will leave by 7am, honestly, I do not think any man would feel OK about it. I think I would get home earlier if I knew there is someone though. There is nothing but work down my way and I feel better a little better, because without work my loneliness becomes so much bigger and a boyfriend still does not appear. Most people wait for workday to be done and I am scared of after work hours and the weekends. What is wrong with me?
ab84 ab84
Dec 13, 2012