Hi, my name is unknown.
Im the girl that everyone think she is perfect at school. Im the "popular" girl. Well was. Theres things that bug me. I have no true friends, that i can lean on anymore. Go to there house, hangout with a big ground, ect. My bestfriend, well should i say old bestfriend, has another bestfriend, and we just dont seem to talk like we use too. I feel so alone. My dad is always out or at work. My sister is here, at home or with her friends. Now no one texts me, no talks to me or anything. People make fun of me cause im 5' ft. Some try to make me look dumb and tell me im shorter than that. I hate this town so bad. I cant wait till i move from here. Make a new start, and just be a regular girl in school. A lot of boys like me, but i dont feeel the same. I want someone good and that I LIKEE.

Words hurt. A lot.

Being called short, and when guys say i wont date her because shes too short, breaks my heart everytime.

I wish i had a car, to just drive and drive. My dad got home from his date, went to his bedroom and slept. My mom lives far away with my brothers, and i feel so alone. No one knows except the people that are reading this right now.
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I to had a bad experience with life my one eye is big and the other is little small I kind of have a crooked face and people laugh at me the moment they see me I am embarrassed all the time. It was very hard to cope with in school though I was tough with people so no body harassed me finally out of school I had to start working as my mother was the only earning member of the family I was not even fortunate to see the college gate however I did start working and found that people appreciated my work as i really worked hard what came to my mind was that might be working talent will cover me and I started working harder and harder I even started tutoring kids and became an Icon for them and suddenly after so many years I found out that I was pretty successful in life and was getting noticed and now I am happily married my wife also has a problem with her eye her one eye is fake what I thought was that if I marry someone who has gone through bad times like me that person will understand me better. And today I am happy my business speaks for people think twice before laughing at me.

i now how you u feel i thought i had friends but they really werent i feel alone but if u want a some to talk to email me at

Same to youu :)

Oh wow, this is so sad. I was popular at my high school, kinda. And like you I agree that there are many fake people out there. Who pretend to be your friends. But when you really need them where are they!? In the end I didn't really care about being in the "in-group" I said the hell with it. No one tells you how hard it is being popular. It feels great but it's exhausting.
I know how you feel. Like right now in my life I'm struggling with what lies ahead. I want to study animation here in Norway. But my mom wants me to study abroad. I'm so stressed. I can't stop thinking about what I should do.
Right now i'm single which you would agree is pretty boring and lonely. Hang in there. You're not alone.

Being single, is boring ahhaha. Thank youu :)

Welcome, and if you ever wanna talk, pm me.