Will I Ever Deserve A Girl Like That

I am sexual sadist person. I am slave girl. I know that my fantasy was weird hardly any girl would like to be my friend after knowing that. I was totally blank how to change my nature. As I was aware of consequences I can face because of my sexual sadist nature so, I tend avoid to come in contact with girl. One day I met a girl .. She was chubby, I met her in bus. She was new to the city that I could figure out after she asked some one when to get off from bus. It was my serendipity that she got down from the bus, where I did. After getting down she approached me and requested to help her to find the place she wanted reach. I told her I am on the same way. She told could she accompany with me I would not mind, "Oh! why should I deny such pretty looking girl. Her face was charming she as cute as chubby baby, her sweet smile was heart touching but, my focus was diverting to her breast, and the thought struck in my mind, I wish I could punch or slap this soft bones. I would really liked to hear a painful scream of that girl after getting a hard punch on her breast and still smiling and saying "oh ! master,"

"Hello !" she exclaimed "Are you here ?" I replied with bit fumble "Oh no! nothing I think you better catch auto to go there I in habit to walk, so , if accompany with me you'll get tired" I spoke in mind "What the hell I was thinking, that's why I don't deserve love of any girl." she replied with smile "I bet, I can do better than you"

"Okay than let's proceed" I spoke, all through the journey she kept talking and finally we reached to destiny. "So, here we are " I pointed out the building where she wanted to go. she thanked and we both were in our own path.
she left but, her memories did not. Even today whenever I travel to that route her face would came in my mind. I hope she must be having that sweet smile on her cute face even today. It was not a human face but, a marry go round flower. Does it make any difference? even if get her again I will never get her as a part of my life just, because my stupid fantasy. Even if any girl would read this story would surely curse me for having such thought.
Will I ever deserve a girl like that, which I met in the bus?" or I will reamain alone
seekinglove1990 seekinglove1990
22-25, M
Jan 6, 2013