Life Without Love

I sit here thinking about my life
I always wanted to be a wife
To love and to cherish
till death we do part
but all i ended up with ,is a broken heart.

He died and left me all alone
But he had beat me black and blue
So i don't think he loved me ,do you?

I love my children
This is so true
i would give them my life if i needed too

But they have grown and don't need me now
I have to go on living some how..........

As a child ,i did not have love
As a teenager i looked for love
I thought i found it,but i was wrong

Now i live to listen to songs
Songs of love
Songs from the heart
Songs that make me fall apart

I hope some day ,that i will find
Someone to love for who i am
So i can give them all the love
That i have in my heart
And be together until death do we part

sarahjane123 sarahjane123
51-55, F
2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

you write beautifully!

No tangs