Feeling Empty.

First of all I want to thank you for clicking on this. I've been subscribed here for awhile but never really used this site. Well, that is until now. The storie/poem (I suppose) I wrote it on my phone about a few days ago while I was in bed just thinking and reflecting as I went to sleep.It's a little cheese but holds true to me. I hope you like it. Well here it goes:

Tonight is a shame. Everything I that's happening feels the same.
Am I the one to blame? Desperation consumes my body.
I have no direction in this lonely road. As the night grows deeper, it feels emptier. Will I ever find my way? Everything I've become is wrong.
With every breath I take there is regret. As I lay in my bed, my thoughts play the "what if" game. In the end the choices have already been made.
So many years gone by. So many opportunities lost. So many things missed.
What have I become? Tonight is a shame.

That's it.Thats all I had that night. Kind of wanted to improve it, but Idecided not to because thats what i felt that night. It's a little short but I hope you liked it.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

It is good. And exactly how I feel right now.