My story of abandonment starts back a few years on my 20th birthday. August 18 2010, I drive out to a local gas station to bid my fiancé at the time goodbye. Her and her family were moving to there new home in northern Florida. Not the best way to start my birthday, but I was able to say goodbye and I loved her for the last time in person.
I never figured that, from that day on for the next 6 months I would turn my mind and life completely upside down. About a month after she moved, we were arguing and fighting over the phone and I was depressed on top of it.(ex. as to why)... When I said "I love you" she would respond saying "that's nice" or "ok"
I never really understood why she was acting this way until she said "I don't love you anymore." we stopped talking and officially broke up three weeks later. I tried my best to move on, getting a different job, doing my hobbies (playing guitar, and working on cars) it didn't work. I could only come up with sad stuff that expressed my suffocating depression. I fell off of the face of the earth(Jan.19 2011) for a year cause I was so alone. as I came back to the scene,(April 30 2012) I realized that all of the friends I did have before were completely gone. still in the same physical places but making up gay excuses as to why they couldn't hang out. so now(2013) I've been riding solo for about 1 year now and still as alone as ever.
Antico69 Antico69
22-25, M
Jan 20, 2013