I am 47 and living with my children. I am getting to the point where I don't want to outside unless it is to go to work and then i crawl back in my hole until i absolutely have to leave the house again.  I am scared that I will stay in this rut until i die.

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Hey can I be serious with you and vice versa? Say God the father is real and he indeed sent his son who is also God to die for the sins of the world. For you and me. God who is almighty sent his sinless, perfect son because He loves us despite how evil we are. Wouldnt you love to know Him. We are both speaking as though it is true. That is the best love story ever right? So say you could know this God who is Jesus personally? Even if you think im stupid or niave or a wishful thinker.I believe its true. You may not but we will both find out when we die.Please since I wrote all of this down. Before you go to sleep tonight. From your heart ask God humbly and seriously to give you a sign that He is real. Seek him and I believe you will find him. Yes you obviously dont care but im begging you sincerely. You will not regret it.I PROMISE.The lonliness and sorrow will be a faint memory. He will rock you in his arms And be everything you needed and still need.Dude he will rock your existence. You will wake up every morning happy and satisfied. I will put my life on that.

Your not alone on this one buddy. This is the unloveing capitalist society we live in.

To start, show you picture on this EP. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I would do a routine visit of favorate resturants, clubs and church each week. Friends at work even take vacation trips with the Siera sngles club, where they travel around the world. so what's holding you down.

hi ya hun.....just like to say my mum was in the seem place 7years ago.....she neva went out neva meet any men, neva an didnt have many friends come ova. me an my sister told her she had to do some thing take up a hobbie, dancing, golf, sport anything. so she tuk up kickboxing an she made a few friends, they invited her out a few times an on one nite she found a lovely man that are now engagged to be married.<br />
my point is hun u just need to get out there.......mabe arrange to go out with sum work mates.<br />
u prob heard this all b4.......but sumtimes u really just gota push ur self.<br />
<br />
i hope this helps an im really sorr about my spelling <br />
good luck xx