I've partially given up, and have accepted the fact of being alone for a long time now
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Hi. Pls need help

With what

Enjoy the fact that you can at least feel things like that for a person or for someone. What I mean is that you can love someone or something along the way in life. Sure there will be moments where all feels too empty but the future is something we do not know and is only decided if we chose it to be (in some cases). Anyways I'm sure that someday you will find the company of a person with you.


I'll be alone forever :'(

I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you find someone

If it's not her then it's better I'm alone :'(

I know how you feel, I read your one post and I'm sorry that happened but you may never know

I'm just not attracted t other girls at all :'(

I'm sure it's very tough to be, especially after she was your everything, but I hope it gets better for you

True, it's just hard to get through the head until there is something that does happen because of being stuck in a state of mind

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