I feel like Iam living alone in the world like in a movie or something ppl around u yet I feel alone u want to laugh but at some point. Some ppl did hurt u that u can't forget but u forgive or when u enter a place u think of a way to kill everybody in the room or look for the nearest exit going somewhere I never knew about always the cab dail 1st. Yet I have these wicked. Thoughts 10 out of 10 thought and 0 out of 10 happy loneliness Once I was in Nero cafe their are types of girls the bitchy type the laugh and make fun of guys type which I really love. And the ones who' have been bulled well was siting so their was A girl trying to make fun of the guy who makes coffee cause he's fat Simple took my cup spilled it over her then saying sorry I thought ur my class mate 😂😂👍 ended up having a free coffe for a week hate being lonely though
jack912 jack912
22-25, M
Aug 30, 2014