I recently broke up with my gf of 8 years. But I have a problem. While I'm more than ok with the decision I hurt feel so empty and lonely. She keeps saying All the right right things to pull me back inbut I do not want to go back into that deep depression I was in . What do I do? I'm trying to resist the feeling to try again with my (now Ex) which I know may turn back bad. Or Is finding someone else the answer? What do you after a breakup and the loneliness that follows
shunjustin shunjustin
36-40, M
1 Response Sep 1, 2014

I guess we all need a time to heal rebound isnt much of great idea . This healing time that i call sea of fire should happen or one is likely to plunge into bigger disaster , it happened to me , just sharing !!

It lasted 8 years and I ended it because of lack of Affrction abc everything being all about her. I just fed up with just talking and talking about something I wasn't going to get

You will hav to move on and will have to cross that sea of fire the ultimate pain that would let you get over the relationship it will further grind you and refine you so that next experience will b better