Boy Am I Angry At My Husband

I've been angry at my husband for a while now. It got pretty bad before vacation. Vacation was just last week and it was ok. It even felt like we reconnected. But this week it's back to the same old crap.

He had car problems a few weeks ago. He took it to a local dealer and it worked on. We were out about $500. Then he started having problems with it again and was going to take it back to the same place to ask them why they didn't fix it the first time. He does this yesterday. They tell him its his brakes and they need to be worked on. He asked why they didn't see this when they sold him new tires. Oh, we don't check for that. So, they quote him $350. Without a thought in his empty head, he say ok, do the work. Then when it comes time to pay, it's $530. He didn't stop to think that we just got back from vacation. That this month money was tighter than usual. Nope. Just pissed away the savings. That's $1000 to the car dealership in under a month! Now, the mortgage is due and my pay check just covers it. We'll have no food money, barely have gas money and maybe enough to pay the co-pay for our respective doctors visits. He couldn't have waited. He couldn't have told them not to do the work and found somewhere else to get it done that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Nope.

Oh, did I mention that he's needed to have his car taken care of for months on end and it wasn't until his battery died that he did anything about it?

Yeah. It's like that all the time. The ladder we used for painting our living room is still sitting in the living room. After I asked him several times, nicely, I didn't nag, to put it away. The hooks to put in the walls to hang the ladder on, that he wanted, still sitting in the junk drawer months (I'm taking 9-10 here) after we bought them.

It's like this all the time. I'm tired of being the "*****" in our relationship. I want to get things put up. I want to make our house look nice. And it isn't just the "tune out the wife" thing that most guys do. It goes into our love life.

He has bedroom problems. Yet, it wasn't until I kicked him in the *** yet again that he got his doctor to give him a prescription for "father's little blue helpers". And guess how long it was before I couldn't take the non-intimacy any more? Seven months. Nothing. Just sleeping and snoring in the same bed. No extra cirricular activities. Put a dent in the desire department.

He makes me so mad. Why can't he just do something? Any thing! He sees a need and ignores it. He keeps a pet snake. I told him she needed water. Several times. I ended up watering her.

Either he thinks everything I say to him is a command or I'm speaking a foreign language. Hell, maybe if I did, he'd get off his butt and do something. I'm tired of living with the zombie. Even when I try to take care of him, he ignores it. He ignores me.

It's mad me so angry that I walk around with this ball in my stomach. I want to scream and throw things. I want to knock some sense into his head.

UnhappyinIndy UnhappyinIndy
2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

I really feel ya. I think mine ignores what i say (e.g can u please give water to the dog ) as he knows I will be tired of waiting and go ahead and do it myself. Sometimes I decide to refuse to do it and just like the cabinet in our room it does not get fixed for over a year....

Are we married to the same guy??