He Always Finds A Way To Hurt Me

The biggest reason that he makes me angry is because he disrespects me and everyone that I love. I don't know how much I can take. Even though sometimes I feel the people around me don't treat him great but he brings it on himself with the way he treats me in front of them. Always orders me around, uses a condescending tone, critisizes my every move, etc...etc. So what are my friends / family going to do? Defend me. Don't you think he deserves it?

I try talking to him and asking him why he treats me the way he does and it's a short lived sorry until the next episode. I feel like he never means it when he says it.

I wish he could be more understanding and not such a potty mouth. He cusses at everyone I hold dear. How would he feel if every time something made me mad i would cuss the hell out of it. It's just so childish.

Then there are other things he does at home. Belittles me in front of my son who is only 3 years old. Orders me around to take care of him, like I don't already know what I'm doing, I"m his mother for God's sake and he's only helped me with him maybe 5 times since he's been born.
He fancies other pretty girls all the time either online, tv or when we are out. Sometimes I wish he'd just make 1 compliment on me but he even fails to notice when I buy something new.

And with all of this I am still the breadwinner and take care of the house, cook, and raise our child. Sometimes he does a little here and there but because of his words, he kills any goodness that tries to come out of him.
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We have some similarities. But i have no child. 1 time i was like u. But i left him. I would suggest u that discuss seriously with him that if this thing goes on and on u will left him. After this he really feel guiltiness.

get him fixed before you leave so he won't make more children he can't/won't support.

he feels inferior as he is not earning. he is actually living in fear. he wants you and your son to respect him. cook for him and care for him . tell him how much you love ask sorry from him if you had hurt his feelings. dont aspect him to help insted ask for his help and make him feel important. if you are not interested in doing all this, just leave him.