Sexual Secrets And Being Denied

Here are some other unnerving patterns in a sexless relationship:

Spouse seems always tired disinterested when you approach him.
Spouse suggests you must be some sort of sex fiend for wanting him while his sexual drive(apathetic at best) is reasonable.
Spouse refuses to speak during, before and after the rare sex act even when you ask for communication.
Spouse expects you to be a mind-reader thereby rendering his communication unnecessary.
Spouse refuses to divulge anything about his sexual likes, dislikes or ideas. When asked he just answers. You. He won't discuss fantasies or expand upon anything.
Spouse, despite being years older acts like he is the innocent boy and you are the matron who seduces him.
Spouse refuses to do much but lay on his back with arms over head in matters of coitus.
When you go onto spouse's computer you find a history in his web cache that indicates an altogether different sort of person. The cache is filled with diverse and frequent visits to **** sites..
The spouse has NO signs of ED but acts like he's somehow detached from the fit and long lasting member that so quickly responds to one's attentions.
Why do they do this?
When threatened with being alone, they throw you a bone until the threat is reduced.
The swear they "really do love you" while blowing you off, ignoring and withholding sex and communication.
Does anyone else feel frustrated by these sorts of patterns?
I am.
ubasti ubasti
1 Response May 9, 2012

Yes in most aspects... My husband is a waste of space I'm only here because of my daughter. I can totally relate to your story it's SO FRUSTRATING!!!<br />
I hope you find happiness!<br />
Love and hugs xxx