Husband Girlf Friend Illegitimate Child

marreied bored annoyed with huysband
he went out founjd somneione
gave her a baby
i was diagnosed with cancer
he had baby i had cancer same week
paid child support
now we hav etemp custody
i am caregiver
he never tells her she does anything wrong
child went to school in my ocat
she lost my coat
he said no big deal to he
have been screaming at him for 2 hrs
ihate my husband
am trapped here in house
no job
no money
no were to go
no family
trapped here
amidumborwhat amidumborwhat
3 Responses May 10, 2012

yes i swear it is a true story<br />
no i have no wehre else to go<br />
i am stuck here in this no win win situation<br />
yes i have a place to live<br />
yes i have food to eat<br />
yes i have a car

he deserves all the shi* you give him. Sorry to hear about your cancer, i hope you pull through.

I wish I knew you, that you lived near me as you need help. Is there no one you can turn to? You need to get out. Would you be able to get help from a local church? <br />
I will keep you in my thoughts- I hope you find happiness and that you get treated properly... Love and hugs xxx