He Let Me Down Again

He's done it again. I'm working away for 4 days -mainly because we're so broke. He's had the dates since February.
He PROMISED last week this was okay. That he'd look after our daughter. Take her to piano tonight after school. No prizes for guessing when I phoned up to say goodnight this evening no one was there. I sent a text message asking if I could ring in an hour, to catch her before bed. His response by text: "Yes I am at work as there was a mix up with the rotas my mom is with X (our daughter) and I have arranged for X to see her piano teacher Friday I will take her if you want."
I tried ringing the house again - no response. Texted grandma (aka MIL from hell) she was on way to my house with X. I arranged time to ring - X happy, eating junk food, watching cartoons, not doing homework. Not bathed but had 'had a wash'. Husband to return home just after bedtime. He'd known since Sunday what he was doing and had not told me so as not to stress me out. He said he didn't want me leaving angry with him. He said he wouldn't answer when I asked him why.
I've told him straight out that I feel I can't trust him when I need him. That I've been trying to rebuild the trust - but feel he's broken it again. Can't help but feel he wants out of the marriage, but can't do it openly so trying to get me to throw him out. Have decided when I get home I'm telling him we either become a true 50:50 partnership or it's time to split up. I just can't go on like this anymore. But I’m worried if I do that life will be harder still, and that I’ll be less able to care for X.
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Yep, life will be harder but probably happier. He needs to come to the party or get out. Takes a team or an individual, not a mess, to bring up children. Take care of you so you can be the best Mum you can be. Dx

Thanks for the support. Had another row tonight. Telling him to leave tomorrow... I want a divorce now. Xxx

Sorry to hear things not so good. It will be tough for a while but you need to get your own space just to BREATHE! Thinking of you. Take care. Dx

Happy to be Aussie friends on here if you're interested. Dx

Bless you. Will message you when I'm calmer xxx

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Life will likely be harder. But it will also likely be more peaceful, it will likely be joyful. I know that nothing causes me as much pain as when someone is thoughtless much less cruel to one of my children. Better to be poor and at peace with joy in your life than rich with strife, going to bed angry, frustrated, and sad.
You can do this. Your stronger than you realize. In the years to come your regret will be that you waited so long and didn't do this sooner.

Thanks xxx