Reciprocity Defined

Here's a term used in the social sciences. Reciprocity in communication means that when you divulge important, personal information to an intimate partner that your partner should ideally "reciprocate". When this doesn't happen, you likely feel shortchanged and a little annoyed. Over a long period of time this pattern will wreak havoc on one's psyche, especially if the non-reciprocating partner is the only source of company.
All the info and communication only flows one way, thus creating a severe imbalance. While name-calling and the like are rotten forms of emotional, verbal abuse, this non-reciprocity, information withholding, can be a form of abuse.

Hence, the 20 questions conversation where you must answer question after question no matter how much info you have already shared.  The goal is to keep you talking so he/she won't.  

There is also the question the question technique.  So the giver gets tired of doing all the damned divulging and asks his/her partner a question.  Without missing a beat, no matter what the question covers, the partner simply deflects the question back to the asking person by using some lame red herring, distraction, subject change, stall tactic, the non-responding person uses any means to avoid actually sharing about him/herself
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Very informing post, I've benefited, thanks ;-) R2L

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That's really interesting - and thought provoking.