I swear I think my husband is so heartless. He can watch me struggling in pain and walk right by me. Ugh!!!!
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I know that one, had 2 years of sciatica real kick *** pain and my husband didnt show an ounce of care. Now I cant help myself when hes sick I just don't have any care back. 15 years relationship, I think its commen for relationship to go cold, ive seen it in others

that´s how I feel, he can see me struggling every day and he just goes to bed at 8 p.m. and letting me alone to do everything at home, and sending kids to bed and go to sleep to other room, because I have to work to pay my expenses, while he earns enough money for all of us, he doesn't care if I'm exhausted sleeping 5 hours every day he sleeps 12 hrs every night an just woke up asking for his breakfast to be done while I change my kids to send them to school and get ready for my work... I really hate this... so freaking alone...

I am so sorry you are feeling this way and I truly hope something in your life will bring you the happiness you deserve. i too experienced my husbands heartless actions regarding a family issue I have been upset about and it's just unforgiveable sometimes.

Life is too short you deserve someone that is going to love and cherish you!

Unfortunately I know how that and hugs xxx