I was angry at my husband a few hours ago but I've decided not to I waste my energy on him. He stopped speaking to me last night; I wasn’t sure why and I didn’t bother to ask. He’s always coming up with some imaginary offense that I committed against him. When he gets like that I just stay away because I have a horrible temper and there’s a chance I could smash him in the face with a skillet. As soon as I walked in the door from work he started in on me and that led to a HUGE argument. He said I gave him attitude yesterday and I told him I don’t remember what I gave him 24 hours ago, nor do I give a damn at this point. That’s when it really hit the fan with both of us yelling nonstop. I told him it’s a shame that he’s too much of a punk to talk about his issues as they happen because I am beyond giving a damn by the next day. That led to a bunch of name calling and words that begin with F, MF, etc. (all on my part). My temper is short, I have a nasty mouth and I fight dirty. I just unloaded and said everything I could think of to hurt him and I feel he deserved it just for being petty. I’m very aware of my issues and short comings. I know when I’m wrong and have no problem admitting it. But this man thinks it’s ok to shut down every time he has a problem with me instead of using his words to talk it over, or better yet he could just let it go and move on instead of holding a grudge. I’ve been telling him this for like 15 years and he still does the same thing which lead to the same results. He doesn’t know how to communicate and doesn’t want marriage counseling or individual therapy, which he needs, so he’ll keep doing what he’s doing and I’ll continue to cuss him out and call him names. Apparently he must like it since he’s not willing to change and he’s still here. And isn’t incredibly immature to get mad at someone just because you think they’re mad at you? We’re supposed to fly to Chicago this weekend and if he doesn’t have his act together I will be going solo. That would probably be more fun anyway.
LivLyfLuv LivLyfLuv
36-40, F
Aug 19, 2014