Letting Dd Cry

  Lately my 2 year old has been waking up and crying to come out or right when I put her to sleep she will cry to come out. Yesterday I decided I wont take her out and let her cry. DH wasnt home and she was bawling and yelling mommy wanna go out. For like half hour. Then I went in to her room told her to lay down told her a story added afew different books to her bed. She was quiet for a few minutes then screeched. After another few minutes she was quiet and slept through the night.
Today she cried again and I couldnt take it anymore. She woke up about 12 and cried to come out. I told dh I dont wanna take her out but if she cries like yesterday Im not sure what I will do. Sure enough she yelled and cried and coughed. I went in to wipe her nose and told her a story. Pampered her and refilled her sippy cup. Told her a story then went out. She bawled for an hour straight. I couldnt anymore I sat outside and cried with her. Then I went in to her explained why we have to sleep now but to no avail. I took her out.
Here the main problem begins.... Till now dh was in bed half sleeping and just listening whats going on. I was the one outside and I am usually the one taking care. He hears that I took her out he comes out of bed yells at me you couldnt keep back ha? Your mother has no right to mix into this!! I have no idea where my mom comes into the pic. He picks up dd litterally throws her into bed yells dd we have to sleep now and she is crying bitterly. I started crying and yelled at dh he has no right mixing in while Im up and taking care of her for 2 hours. He stands there by the crib tells dd you can cry till tomorrow you are staying here. I couldnt handle it I went out and cried for like 5 minutes. I pittied dd terribly. Dh went out of her room banged her door I yelled at dh all crazy names for doing this. She is your daughter and you should have some pitty if a child cant sleep and she stays in bed its torture for her too. Your a f***ing animal you have no feelings. He went into his room I took dd out of bed she was sitting on me and crying away and so was I. Then dh comes out from his room and yells at me I have the same amount of right over her then you. So dont make yourself as her boss.
What am I supposed to do? Was dh right? I know I have to appologize but what else should I do. What do I do to dd's schedule.

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Sign up for some parenting classes through your local community service center. Additionally, you and your baby's dad should seek couple's counseling to work through your responsibilities, boundaries and reasonable expectations. And, for god's sak don't have any more babies until you iron out the rough spots in your relationship.

I have a 2 year old brother and i have seen what a bad sleeping pattern can do to my mum and step dad.<br />
They tried just letting him cry it out but it didn't help and there have been some studies indicating it can be harmful for the child as they interpret this as neglect. What works best is to end the day of your child (as i have seen with my brother) with calm activities, preferably no running around of watching too much TV or anything that gets your child too excited. Good luck i hope it works out for the best.