Post College Disillusionment

I just graduated from college and have a "great" job at a firm of sorts. When I first landed this job, all my friends were jealous and I was ecstatic- it was a lot easier to graduate knowing what I would be doing. Now I'm finding I can't really stand the job at all. The work flow is inconsistent, and I'll spend seven and a half hours doing nothing only to have a huge project thrown at me ten minutes before I plan to leave the office. I get paid over time but I would rather not have to cancel plans on people. I'm trading my time with people I love (which translates into happiness) for money. I don't know why I thought that was a fair trade at some point.

My dad tells me to stop complaining essentially because it (life) is only going to get harder. This is not encouraging to me. Now the issue isn't really that I hate my job. Most people do it seems. The job is symptomatic of the greater realization, or disillusionment as I have titled it, of the 'adult' world. It sucks out there. I feel trapped, and look angrily at my unemployed friends who's days still belong purely to themselves. But I'm even more mad at the 'adults'. I can't really explain why, but I feel lied to and no one has anything helpful to say, like maybe mentioning the finer points of life or maybe a highlight. My dad also calls this attitude 'infantalism'- I am just unwilling to 'pay my dues' to society. This seems to be the theme of society. Be subservient, don't talk back. Just take it. I'm beginning to think it's just easier to let myself break mentally but even thinking that makes me want to throw this computer right off the balcony I'm sitting on. ******* I am angry at the world. /endrant.
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For responsibilities sake, keep your job till you find a new one, but start looking NOW. There are too many people that think that paying your dues to society/your family means you have to be unhappy. There are soooooo many jobs that need to be filled - if not in your hometown, somewhere else. There are all kinds of cool and different jobs out there. <br />
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My father always said when choosing a college major or a job - don't think about how much money you will make. Find something you are passionate about and you will work sooooooo hard because you love it and people will see your passion and in return the money flows in - often more than it would in a stable job you hate. It sometimes takes more work to make money doing something you love, but the great thing is, because you love it, it won't feel like work. And, he lived that advice and is extremely successful. I followed his advice - am 28 - and was on my own making enough to live on half and save half of my money each month for the past 3 years. And the most I worked was 2 10 hour days a week for that salary in one job. <br />
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Think about what you would do for free - and find a way to make money by it - the job may already exist. Hopefully, you can use your degree too to get a higher pay rate.