I Got An Email Prompted By the Army From My Daughter

My youngest daughter is in the Army and she has serious issues.  She and I have had problems since she was abused and was ordered to see an shrink who in turn somehow managed to make my daughter hate me and blame me for everything that happened to her.  I thought with patience and unconditional love I would get my loving, thoughtful, good daughter back and here it is three years later and I felt we were sort of back where we were when she came to see me in April.  She was more like she used to be than at any other time and I was able to spend time with my grandson and bond with him.  We were talking about a month ago and she had gone into one of her hate moter rants and I asked her why she still talked to me and she said because I was sick which meant that the whole visit, re-bonding thing was phoney and it hurt.  I hung up the phone and took a couple of weeks to adjust to being back on the mess pile and then I sent a text asking about my grandson because I thought there was someting wrong and sure enough he'd been in the hospital.  I waited a few days and then I sent another message letting her know that I would not accept the housing there and would remain here and the next few messages that I sent to her I got no response.  So, concerned, yesterday I called her command to ask about her and she had apparently told them I was some kind of stalker or something because they didn't put her on the phone they put her supervisor on the phone.  That irritated me and so I sent an email telling her that I wasn't gonna be involved with her anymore and that I hated her asmuch as she hated me and to leave me alone.  I thought that was the end of it but I check my messages this morning and there's a message from her telling me that she has spoken to the Army about me and that she will take civil action against me to make me leave her alone!!!  THAT UNGRATEFUL WENCH!!  She has them thinking that I am the problem when it's her that is and I had ALREADY told her not to bother me and she's twisted it to make it seem like I NEED TO BE TOLD TO LEAVE HER ALONE!!  Now I'm the bad guy!!!  The thing is it wasn't even necessary for her to send me anything.  She was already toast.  Done.  Over.  I was really pissed that she'd involved the Army in my personal business like that can still tell me what to do.  I'm not enlisted anymore and she went there????  I sent her one more email and I made it clear who needed to leave whom alone and that she is not my daughter and I am not her mother and that I feel sorry for her son.  I know this child.  She is no different than the other two.  This is the third time that she has gone off the deep end and cut me off only to come back later with boo hoo mama I need you and I have always been there for them.  ALWAYS no matter what they said or did!  I've had enough.  I am looking to get away from here right now and not have any contact with them.  I should have done it last year but circumstances persuaded me to stay just in case I was needed, in case something required that I remain in this city.  There is nothing to keep me here now not even my other three grandchildren.  I am looking for housing far away from here and when I get it I go without a backwards glance and no goodbyes.  Nobody would know I was gone until they wanted something anyway.  That's how I wanted it so that is no big thing.  If I had the finances I would leave right now!!  My children, from the oldest to the youngest are just darn fools!!!

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Wow this sounds classic PTSD response to me. I agree with BlueGeorgia. You could use some serious help. Maybe your posting on here is the first step. Good job!! :)

Sorry but I get the feeling that you both have some serious issues. <br />
I could be wrong but you both sound just alike to me.