Twice I Typed Long Stories And Both Times I Lost Them

The first time I feel I was almost done - a nice long story; I think I hit some key in the lower right area of the keyboard and the whole thing went away. I typed it all over again - as best as I could recollect and I wanted to add a picture and Explorer said it wanted to protect me so Wham away it went. The first time it happened I wanted to cry. This time i want to scream.
MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Yes Mistress, I have done that already, other times AFTER I lost something. I had yet to learn to just do it as a matter of course.<br />
Thank You, Mistress.

Oh no, not again, My sweet slave! I am so so sorry this keeps happening.<br />
<br />
you have a new standing directive: anything you write that is more than one paragraph in length will be written in a word-processing program, not your web browser. The periodic saves you will do every few sentences, combined with the program's autosave function, will ensure that your efforts will not be lost to a random keystroke by you, the gentleman Kitty, or the rampaging horde of kittens.