Tonight my b/f said something on purpose, just to **** me off. He wanted me to put laundry away at midnight! When I told him "no" that I didn't want to because I was tired, he responded with, "you're always tired and lazy." Now, I am so pissed off that I started to have an asthma attack , and I couldn't sleep. So I left the room to sleep on the livingroom floor (we only have a small loveseat that I can't fit on) but I couldn't sleep because I am so mad at him that I can't stop thinking about how mad at him I am. I have been having a really rough time this past week at work and at home with the baby, that he should understand that I can only do so much. But, as usual, he's a *****. And he is going to regret that one day.
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1 Response Nov 3, 2006

If you are working and taking care of a baby, then obviously you are doing way more than he is. Men like to think they are doing more and doing better if they bring home more money. If you left him and got child support and he suddenly found himself without a maid, sex ob<x>ject, chef and babysitter, he'd likely see the error of his ways. Good luck--sounds like he's a jerk and believe me--jerks do not get better with time or age.