My Husband Is Disrespectful.

He is always saying hurtful things to me and putting me down. He got up last night and told me he wad going to get something to eat, which meant he was going to eat at a bar and drink a few. He was gone for a couple of hours. This made me upset and he knew it. He just got up and left me and the baby. He has done this before. I have a hard time trusting him. He hasn't cheated on me....yet. am I wrong for getting mad? Oh yeah. He also takes off his wedding ring after every fight. He knows this breaks my heart but he doesn't seem to care.
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4 Responses Nov 2, 2011

I am actually divorced now, much better emotionally . I am a better person, very happy and even a parent since the divorce. I don't feel like I walk on eggshells, I don't feel like Im rasing another child from his behavior... Worrying about him and the trust issues were consuming my everyday life... and I would never want my kids to stay in a relationship where they were miserable and I wanted them to see tha I am strong enough to leave and your happiness is all that matter, We only have one life, it is precious and to live it miserable was not an option for me anymore, it takes two ppl to make it work and in my case, he was too stubburn and a know it all to try anything. When the toddlers are seeing these types of things and yelling at us to stop fighting, I knew enough was enough, and one of us had to be adult enough to walk away. I have been divorced almost 10 months and he has moved on, and living with this woman and is happy, I think we were just not good together. I have met someone new as well and he is older, and very loving, appreciative and has been through a lot of the same situations I have ans we have great communication n understanding, ps.. he drinks like 2 or 3 times a year :-) No more manipulative drunk to deal with, And finally I get the love and respect I deserve. I feel so fulfilled but for the sake of my children, unlike my ex husband who moved right in with his girlfriend, I am taking things slow. I don't need to rush anything and I am content focusing of being all for my children and college classes.

Do u trust your ex with your kids? I'm asking because of his drinking.

Taking of the wedding ring is manipulative. Next time he takes it off, take it and hide it. Tell him he can have it back when acts like a husband...

He actually has lost it but is wearing a different wedding band now.

He seems impulsive... he needs to seek some help with that or something.

wow,l absolutly know what your gong through, my husband has done this time and time again, and he swore or years that things would change, but it hasnt, and its gotten worse because him leaving me over and letting me worry, not answering my calls, drinking n driving, telling me we were done, taking off the wedding ring and it breaking my heart over n over, it got to the point where I became numb to it, i dont feel secure or safe in our marriage, I cant depend or trust him or his word on anything b/c of so many broken promises and getting my hoped up that the worst id over...Im not in love with him anymore and its all his fault for taking advantage of my luv for him, thinking he could act how he wanted n id never leave..wake up buddy! I have abandonment issues and you used my biggest fear against me, I dont even care anymore b/c he pushed me away for so long and instead of realizng he messed up and Ive changed fpr what hes put me through emotionally n mentally, he is angry and mean and disrespectful toward me because Im not the same in love and happy woman with him as i used to be...and although he doesnt drink everynght, he drinks quite often enough for it to to effect my sexual drive toward him, and I told him for years that the drinking and taking off bothered me and he always said he was done but hes still not..I need to focus on my kids and my happiness b/c this is brnging me down hardcore.

Hope things are getting better for u. I'm still with my husband and we still have our days where things are terrible but there has been a little bit of change. Of course I'm not holding my breath. I don't believe it will stay like this long.