I Don't Care What You Want!

This is what my girlfriend just wrote me.

I don't ******* care what you want.

Actually it was "Mir ist scheissegal was du willst!" cause she's German, but the point is that she just told me that she doesn't care what I want. I am so unbelievably angry with her. Is that a fundament on which you can have a relationship?! I can't have a relationship with someone who tells me that she doesn't care what I want. The thing we argued about was stupid really. But after I read this sentence... I didn't care about the subject of the argument anymore. It's just this sentence for itself.

Please help me. Am I overreacting?! I'm so mad!



GothGrrrl GothGrrrl
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2 Responses May 8, 2007

My friend said that to me one time, and after a huge blow out, I found out that she didn't really mean it. She was going through something terrible I knew nothing about at the time. She had been mugged and wasn't ready to tell me about it right then. Later when she told me all about it, I felt sad that we had the argument at all. Since then my good friend for most of our lives has passed away from breast cancer. She was the best friend I ever had and I miss her very much.

If she said it in anger then you need to take a step back before getting in a tizzy. But if she's one to speak her mind truthfully when she's p.o.ed... ok, time to be concerned! Otherwise, let her cool down, you cool down, and wait til you can talk rationally.